Is Flipping Real Estate the Smartest Method to Begin in Property?

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Lead Generation

For 2019 I have found that lead generation is still the best online method of making money.

In my opinion, this is the quickest way you can reach a six-figure income from your home.

Watch this:

Think of these websites as digital rental properties that create residual income.

Businesses will rent these sites out from you, no different than a business would lease a storefront, for the leads that the sites produce.

Here’s the snapshot of this business model:

What’s so convenient about these sites is that once you have them up, unlike physical real estate where you have maintenance, these sites require almost no maintenance at all. They’re good to go!

Any given site is worth 750-2000$, imagine what it would look like if you had 15 of these?!

It’s this exact business model that has allowed me to quit the 9-5 life and enjoy a 6-figure from home income.

Check out these Facebook testimonials from the private Facebook group I’m in.