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Wholesale Hackers Course – Facebook Ads for Real Estate Review 2019

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Traditional real estate advertising isn’t holding up in the digital age.

So, if you are a real estate investor you need to change the way you promote your properties.

Competitive realtors are turning to Facebook to find local audiences in the home buying market.

Prepare yourself for Facebook real estate advertising with bootcamp training from Wholesale Hackers.

I’ve taken many career paths in the pursuit of the best way to make a living happily.

“Facebook Ads For Real Estate” helped pay the bills, but by combining it with generating leads for businesses online, I’ve even surpassed my goal and am now making $50k a month.

Today, I will review Wholesale Hacker’s course and compare it with business lead generation.

Who are Wholesale Hackers?

Wholesale Hackers is a group of digital marketers who are training vertical markets in the mastery of Facebook sales.

They have helped local businesses like doctors and dentists, local shops and auto dealers tag their audience around the corner.

 With their latest development in Facebook Ad training they help real estate investors and realtors drive property sales.

 Facebook Ads for Real Estate Summary

What’s unique about the real estate market is that you need to find both buyers and sellers. 

Wholesale Hackers took this into consideration when developing this innovative course.

They create sales funnels that tap anyone buying a home in a geo targeted area. They also create a funnel that helps turn prospective properties into high traffic landing pages.

With the help from Wholesale Hackers you escape the old school approach of flyers and real estate site listings. Facebook has the distinctive capability of identifying key audiences in local markets.

Wholesale Hackers shows you how to create, launch and monitor Facebook ad campaigns specifically for the housing industry. That means you learn how to:

·         Create the best Facebook ads with proven methods from Wholesale Hackers

·         Learn how to target audiences using keywords, interests and zip code data

·         Launch and manage ads using the Facebook dashboard

·         Understand the key metrics and learnings you gain from every ad launch

With the powerful platform of Facebook, you can easily target home buyers in a given area or in another state.

You can find also find home buyers seeking certain house features. Wholesale Hackers shows you how to create matches between buyers and sellers all on the digital platform.

Wholesale Hackers takes the training process even further by helping you develop content-rich landing pages. These attractive mini sites offer more than any online real estate listing.

Wholesale Hackers shows you how to actually create a product page for a home.

With this powerful intel any real estate investor can promote properties in varied communities, even in other states. They can generate target lists and like audiences to expand their reach in engaged areas.

Wholesale Hackers also shows you how to create engaging and attractive video ads that easily reveal the best parts of any real estate listing.

This simple and easy to follow course is ideal for realtors who need to up their selling game in their territory. With Facebook, any realtor can generate strong leads with new buyers.

Wholesale Hackers goes the extra distance by providing social selling tactics anyone can use.

 Engage with buyers directly through Facebook Messenger. Wholesale Hackers shows you how it’s done. They even throw in some amazing templates for social selling scripts.

Turn up your selling capabilities and go digital with Wholesale Hackers. 

While “Facebook Ads For Real Estate” Allowed Me to Get By, This Gave Me Real Success…

To begin, how do real estate and biz lead gen contrast from each other?

Cons of Wholesaling houses

  • High upfront costs
  • Inconsistent income
  • Difficulty finding buyers
  • Have to know what potential buyers want

Why Business Lead Gen Is For Me

  • Reliable monthly income
  • Help businesses grow
  • No maintenance
  • Sells itself

Now, this is how it works…

Many business owners struggle making themselves known online.

So, what we do, is make a website for them and rank it up on Google.

They get tons of calls after we make websites for them to spread the word.

I can do this for a variety of businesses. Just look at this one for people who rent out limos:

It may take some time to get the website up and running, but there will almost be no hard work to do after that.

That is why this strategy is my favorite.

With this, you can have a steady flow of cash.

In addition, because I own the site, I get the final decision regarding it. Even if the business owner decides to retire, I can use the site for a new client.

All I do is send consumers to my partners, and once they deal with the sale. I’ll get paid regardless.

Earlier, I said that these websites could be used for all types of companies; look at this one I made years ago:

What I really love about this line of work is how valued I am to these businesses.

I’m helping them survive and making money off of it.

There are also many others who do this as well.

There is a huge online community most of whom will be able to help you if you’ve got any questions.

Here is someone who is already taking steps toward a bright future:

We’ve all gotten our start from this same business lead generation course, and you can too.

It’ll be the first step on your journey toward a great passive income.

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